Monday, October 17, 2011

Nurses and Wolves and Slaves Oh MY!

Instead of going to our usual munch group, we traveled up to Upper Michigan to go to a Halloween party with Kaya and Scott.  They very graciously accepted us and our dogs into their home, and made us welcome.  I got to play a bit with baby girl, then off we went to the party.  Kaya was hauling around goodies in her basket, and I was busy putting said goodies on lots of girls bewbies, when I realized that this would be the perfect time to enact a friend of mine's revenge request.  I had M take a picture of me giving her a hug, then claimed that it didn't turn out right.

When he set up for the next picture I delivered the request

Bus schedules anyone?


  1. Well that should have helped develop a few trust issues :D

  2. trust issues? There can only be issues if there is supposed to be trust...

  3. Wow..when i saw the word revenge i was expecting something...i dunno...revengey(it is too a word, i sez so) that wasn't really that bad...was it?

    you're both pretty cute, yanno...i like the pics!