Monday, August 29, 2011

Old age and treachery will win out every time.

Well the oldest had her 16th birthday party.  I felt kinda bad for her because not one of her friends showed up, and I only invited about a dozen people besides them.  I loved seeing the looks on the X and L's face when they showed up and were practically ignored except for the half-hearted comments trying to bring them into the conversation.  As usual when something isn't about her, L sat in the corner looking pitiful because she was in some kind of pain, except for this time she was largely ignored.  *BIG GRIN*  I know, I'm evil and going to hell.  *BIGGER GRIN*  The teenager seemed to enjoy the party even though none of her friends showed up and that was the important part.  My house was clean, pictures up, everything looking pretty so when people looked around I was proud of my home.  I wasn't so proud of my behavior up until the day of the party though.  My home is my sanctuary and I don't like it to be invaded even if it is by friends.  I didn't realize how much this was bothering me until I actually slept through the whole night last night.  Poor M took the brunt of it for about a week.  I apologized and knowing him I won't have a punishment for it, but I still feel terrible about it.  I honestly don't see it when I'm in the middle of it and to date we haven't figured out a way of pulling me out of it long enough for me to realize what I'm doing.

I'm glad he's a patient man.

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