Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  It started out at 10:00 AM by running around the block 16 times trying to find the puppy who managed to escape the yard.  Apparently one of the girls left the gate open behind them this morning.  I was able to follow his tracks in the fresh snow as no one had shoveled yet.  He never got more than a block away, all of this happened in the 20 minutes that I had let him out while I got dressed for work.  There were two of the techs working on that block but they didn't see him.  They were nice enough to join in the search so while one of them was driving around looking for him, the other one and I were following tracks and shouting for him.  I called both the police and the humane society in a flat panic thinking I had lost my puppy.  Then I got a txt from my boss that I was to meet her and the other icky lady I work with (the other lady is icky, my boss is great) for lunch at noon.  Cause I wasn't still wandering around trying to track my dog and going hoarse from yelling for him.  Then I had to do the hardest thing in the world.  I had to tell M that I lost his dog.  *head-desk* And that I had to leave to go do this stupid lunch with my boss and the stupid lady.  I got the phone call at 11:40 that someone had brought him to the humane society so of course I called my boss and told her that lunch was out because I had to go fish the idiot out of puppy jail, (I was diplomatic and didn't mention that the thought of sitting through lunch with the icky bitch was enough to sour anyone's appetite).  My boss was being my boss, she said she'd order for me and they would wait.  *sigh*  No escaping it.  M got off work as soon as he could and met me at the puppy jail while I was waiting for Sam.  It cost me $60 which wasn't bad considering he now has his first rabies shot and is micro-chipped in case the little asshole pulls another vanishing act.  We are putting clips on the gate latches btw.

Even with the crappy start to the day, I had lunch to look forward to *rolls eyes*.  I got to spend an hour listening to the bitch complain that even though she had to put her cat down last week she was pissed because the vet charged her for "disposal" and wouldn't let her just take it home to throw out in the dumpster of her apartment building.  O.O  Needless to say, I discouraged any questions from either her or my boss.  The last thing I wanted to hear at that point was her callous disregard of a fur-baby.  I gulped my lunch down, looked at my boss and said thankyouverymuchareyoureadytogonow....

Remember the calf muscle pull?  Yeah...  It's no better.  After watching me gimp for 3 hours, we had to pee, so we went to my house because it was the closest.  Guess who was pulling in after picking up the girls?  So M got to meet my new boss, which was cool, but then she told him I needed to see a doctor for my leg, which wasn't so cool.  So now I have a trip to the doctor to look forward to tomorrow.

The good things about today?  M brought me chocolate and a rose *beams*.  My puppy is home safe and sound. *beams*  I don't have to deal with the icky bitch for another two weeks *beams*.

Still have to go to the doctor tomorrow though... *gimps off to get an ice pack*


  1. I think you did great. And I love you.

  2. Ooh, chocolate, a rose, and two weeks before the bitch!
    Sounds like a crazy day that at least closed nicely. Hope tomorrow is a little less exciting.

  3. I'm so glad you found your pup! Master and I had that happen with our last dog. He ran into traffic! Damn near gave both of us heart attacks. Thankfully Master is fast as hell and was able to grab him before he got hurt. It's such a scary feeling. But at least the pup is safe and sound. :-)