Thursday, April 26, 2012


went well enough I guess.  I got called into the office and given my final.  Talked with my boss a bit and found out that it will be over prolly around the 18th of May.  Good news is I'm on vacation for a week in order to use up my sick time and floating holidays, which they do not pay out when they terminate you.

On the school front, I do have to take stupid intermediate algebra because the one I took was only 3 credits and theirs is 4 :(  which totally screws up my summer plans.  Now I have no class to take this summer but since I get free tuition at all Wisconsin schools, I'm looking at maybe taking an art class or something at the local UW.  *shrugs*  It's free right?  I'll be researching that today.  Maybe the UW has a summer course that I can transfer over to satisfy that math need?  Worth checking out.

On the home front, the girls seem to be doing alright.  Their father doesn't believe that I'm being fired in a bit and that I'm going back to school.  :)  Why that makes me smile I don't know.  Maybe I'm just an evil bitch. :) :) :)

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