Friday, June 22, 2012


I'm alive... barely...  I'm looking for a new place to live, I'm struggling to keep up with a college level writing course and an oral communications course, and let's not talk about the fact that I haven't even started on my Excel course yet.  I'm getting my unemployment, finally.... fuckers.  I qualified for Badger-care, and believe it or not, Food-share.  I'm about a week out from getting my summer disbursement of financial aid and all my bills are already paid except rent, and those fuckers can wait.  She decided that she's going to rent this house out to her sister who is moving home from Alaska.  So I get to do the joy of moving all over again, Two weeks before fall camp, right after midterms.

The kids are awesome, well, sort of.  The 16yr old pushed me so much yesterday that I actually completely lost it with her.  *cue ominous music*  If the 12 yr old doesn't get her period soon and level out these moods, she's gonna bleed from somewhere, promise.

I'm home.  I'm always home.  I've been nothing but always home for a month now.  This is not my idea of a good time.  I've re-opened my blog because while I'm writing a fuck-ton for my class, it's not the same thing as here.  Here I'm not directed on how I write and what to write... YAY..  and now I get to write a two page paper that's due tomorrow.  Using descriptive terms.  Detailing an experience and trying to convince the reader why it was important to me.  And it can't be about anything inappropriate.  ~quit laughing~  


  1. Well it is lovely to have you back :D
    Though one does have to ask, what the hell is Badger-care?

  2. LOL It's health and dental insurance, provided by the state cause I'm broke.

  3. So how did it get a name like that?

  4. Ooh ooh, it's called Badger-care because they badger the shit out of you and don't want to pay for stuff when they should?

    Anyways, good to see you back. It's so much more fun to write about whatever the hell you want!

  5. Our state critter is the badger. It' is also the mascot for the state capitol's college football team. Everything in this state is badger this and badger that. Ironic if you ask me.

  6. They took all the fun out of the assignment with that "can't be anything inappropriate" comment.