Thursday, November 3, 2011

Doctor Doctor, can you heal me

I went back to the shrink for my med check.  I actually like this guy, he's funny!!  I told him "Don't mind me, I'm nuts"  His response?  "Well, you're in the right place."  He agree's that the chemical imbalance was aggravated by the hormones and told me to keep tracking when I'm experiencing PMS symptoms as that will help me deal with them.  He said that I was so busy managing my imbalance without medication that I just managed the PMS along with it.  Now that I don't have to work so hard to manage the imbalance, I'm actually displaying the signs of PMS but that it was probably there all along.

Oh good...

See?  I always knew I was a bitchy female :D


  1. PMS--we are not friends. She shows up just to throw myself and the people around me under a bus.
    Run her over!

  2. When that rotten b!@&h rides in, we should all gang up on her sorry ass and beat her to death with a rolling pin.

    Then we can go bake a pie or something.

  3. Chocolate cream, baby, all the way...and you know the best way to serve it, right? :P

  4. Pepper has all the right answers lol.

    I have PMS right now and wish someone would beat me up, but just maim me, with a rolling pin? Hah!

    Could I request cheesecake instead of chocolate cream pie please though......I don't like chocolate!!

    DY x