Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We interrupt the regularly scheduled broadcast....


Yes I know only us Americans celebrate it, and most of us call it Thanksgiving.  I call it Hand Turkey Day for a variety of reasons, first being that traditionally both my kids draw "Hand Turkeys" and give them to me as a card.  Yes I keep them.  Yes they are 11 and 16.  Shadup.

You know I really don't like being thankful.  I'm not a big fan of gratitude.  Being thankful for something or being grateful for it implies that it was handed to me.  Maybe my being a veteran has something to do with my attitude about it.  *shrugs*  Don't get me wrong, I have an emotion concerning all in my life that I should be  "grateful" for, I prefer to call it appreciation.  I appreciate my freedom cause I damn well earned it by serving in the United States Army for 8 years, including overseas.  I appreciate my job because I bust my ass to keep it and do it well.  I appreciate my children because I didn't believe the doctors that told me I would never have them.  The oldest put me through 9 months of living hell because that child was ADHD in the womb!  Promise.  My youngest put me on the couch for 6 months with me tracking her every movement because she never moved.  The kid was a speedbump.  Due to complications and the fact that I happened to have 2 uterus' (only 1 functioning), it was like carrying twins and I slipped two disks in my lower back in my 5th month.  I damn well earned that child too. Any woman that has gone through pregnancy, childbirth and then raised that child to the best of their abilities has earned them.  I appreciate the living hell out of the fact that I have two happy, well adjusted, "normal" children.  But no one handed them to me, I have and still do work my ass off for them.  I appreciate my home because I bought, scrounged or sought out every stick of furniture in it and I work two jobs to be able to pay for it and the food on the table.  I appreciate my friends because I give as much or more than I get.  I appreciate the two dogs and retarded cat (he is, honest) because I give them the best food possible (home-made dog food and yes the cat eats it too), I pay the vet bills, I groom them, I love them and they are happy and healthy.  I appreciate my husband who is also my Master because relationships are WORK damnit.  We've endured hardships and separation, and we work on our relationship every day.  I earned that too.  So every day I say thanks to the deity because I have the ability to earn every single thing in my life.  THAT is the only thing that I am truly grateful for.  Everything else gets my undying appreciation.

If you appreciate the people and/or things in your life, wish them a Happy Hand Turkey Day by either drawing them one (wiser in some cases) or giving them one (pics or it didn't happen).  Appreciate what you've earned, but only be grateful that you were given the ability to earn it.


  1. i like your philosophy. Happy Hand Turkey day, lady!


  2. Happy Hand Turkey day Vixen.


  3. Happy Hand Turkey day to you :) I'm Canadian, and as such I am not thankful for anything hahah j/k I do believe you are right, maybe that's why I seem to have trouble finding things to be thankful for, I feel like I've earned most things in my life so really I'd like to thank myself for not giving up on me :D

  4. I *love* this post! And I love the way you look at things.