Sunday, March 4, 2012

Robot Storm Trooper

Ok, so I'm tired of this damn thing already.  It's not any fun at all, even making sympathy inducing noises at M doesn't help when he see's you crawling up the stairs like a 2 year old with your ass in the air and bursts out laughing.  He's trying to be helpful, honestly he is.  I can just imagine how hilarious I look, I don't need confirmation by the random fits of entirely inappropriate giggles that crop up whenever I do something like try to chase the puppy to get whatever-the-hell he has in his mouth.

My leg does feel better though...

Sam's getting bigger too although he won't sit still enough for a decent picture

And he's taking random chomps on things just to see if they are numby enough to chew on.  

He hasn't tried for the stupid robo-boot though, and to be honest I'd probably stop him just because the damn thing is so spendy.  As much as I'd enjoy not having to wear it.  Cause THAT's gonna happen...


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  2. my gods, woman, that is not a dog.

    it's a moose in puppy clothing....the chew thing is a challenge. My pooch (a Brittany) can rip through a stuffed animal toy in about 22 minutes flat (he's 4 now)...and the price of rawhide is WOW expensive...have you tried a Kong (sounds like dong...*giggle*)? It looks like an anal plug so perhaps its a dual duty toy?

    (omg, i'm killing myself now...before you do! LOL)

    It has a hole in the bottom where you can stuff a mix of dog biscuits and peanut butter. Keeps 'em busy for a long time. You can see them at the kong website (

    gosh, just smiling thinking of all the fun...for you and the pooch...*guffaws*