Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm not going to laugh..

As M exhaustedly got up at 3am to be into work at 5am, little did he know that he would be spending the majority of his time with Sam, outside, frantically trying to convince him that peeing out there was a good idea.  Only to have him go on the livingroom rug.  You see Sam has decided that he kind of likes it in the house and if he never has to go outside again, that would be just fine with him.  Right now he is quite contendly sleeping under my desk after being awake all night howling.  Yes that means that we were also awake all night.  Is it wrong that I am happy that the kids are home this week so they can wear this little fucker out?


  1. Oh the joy of new babies...
    He's lonely poor little sod... he needs a friend ~Nods yes another one is a good idea~ :D

  2. laughing...just...yeah. Been there, done that...he looks like a baby moose...just sayin'....

    years ago we had a basenji (never get one, for real)...and she REFUSED to go outside in the rain. I could stand out there, walk her, all of that...only to have her come inside and piss in the corner, all the time staring at me as if to say...'why the hell did we have to stay out there so long, i really had to pee...."